Interstellar - The Film

13 December 2015


Intertellar is a science fiction film, realesed in 2014. Directed by Christopher Nolan, Interstellar won the Oscar for best visual effects. Follows some notes I made on the film.

General Relativity

General relativity is a theory published by Albert Einstein in 1915. Through it, one can say that gravity is a curvature in space due to the presence of masses.


The closer you are to a mass, the slower time will pass. Idea of time travel.


4º dimension.

Black Hole

Black hole is a massive star with very high gravity. In the film is called the Gargantua. Do not have solid surface. Singularity is central point of a black hole. In the center of our galaxy there is a black hole, called Sagittarius A*.

String Theory

Used to understand the “things” large and small. Calm the turbulences in the range of Plank.


  • 1 light-year: Km
  • Speed of light: 300.000 Km/s
  • Estations GPS (Global System Position): Calculation for correction of 38 milliseconds, because the distance of the earth.

Watch the movie, is fantastic.